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Sam always had this issue about being the first to hang up.

Just as Bri picked up the phone it let out a soft moan, and the call ended. Big tits anal group. Not only was it exactly what she should be doing, there was something also satisfying about the inspiration to play coming from across the phone. Sounds of lesbian sex. And when she heard Bri climax, Sam went flying over the edge, and her orgasm came uncontrollably, right after. Lesbian Sex The Sounds of Pleasure. Login or Sign Up. Her body moved and kicked sheets as much as her anchored head would allow. Masturbating was a well-discovered pleasure for her, and frankly Bri cherished her Friday evenings alone, when she wasn't dating.

Across the phone, Bri's hand was getting a little sore, so she switched. Being able to unload her thoughts made her bodily needs all the more apparent. Sexy girl come. Cunt Against Cunt Hot nights call for hot girl-on-girl fantasies.

This was one of those weeks where the pleasure was doubled knowing she hadn't planned anything for the weekend either. Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead. This allowed her to moan on her sticky fingers while her other hand took over. As aftershocks rippled through Sam's body, she heard the thud on the other end of the phone. More info in the FAQ. The Ones You Don't Forget [ 7: After all, how much longer would Sam have waited to give herself that kind of pleasure?

Early morning, daughter is back in school. Another week behind her. Dinner with a dear friend and former lover. Head back on the pillow she wedged the phone against it and her ear, letting her second hand roam and help as needed.

Her First Listen to Home to erotic audio produced for people with vision impairment - yet appealing to all pleasure-seekers. As the pleasure spread through her however, Sam remembered the excuse that got her touching herself, and it dawned on her. Tags Portal Chat Forum. Beautiful women tumblr nude. And then she tried to get hers in sync with Bri. But she wasn't dating, and the thought of something deep inside her, coupled with her strong hand taking over, led to two fingers plunging deep inside her, and the other hand grasping the sheets right next to the phone.

Maybe I need to pull out the schoolgirl outfit again? Log in Sign Up. And it always leaves me turned on, just from yielding control.

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Log in Sign Up. Views Rating Favorite Newest. Big tit hitchhiker. Tags Popular Random Latest. Puts ideas in my mind. Sounds of lesbian sex. Sam grabbed the phone while walking into the kitchen for a snack. Sherilyn and Danica Preview Synopsis: Select new user avatar: Anger Management How she deals with my anger.

I am expecting her to tease me, but she instead moves my wedding band from my left hand to my right. Vocals 2 [ 3: Head back on the pillow she wedged the phone against it and her ear, letting her second hand roam and help as needed. Bri must have meant to hang up but didn't turn the phone off.

I will find you Written and Performed by: It almost felt like Bri giving her yet another form of guidance. Bourjois nude ist. The clearer sound and detail filled in a little mystery, and piqued more curiosity. Our vocalists combine their refrains to reach a resounding crescendo. Here, the stories of multiple women merge for the ultimate telling of those unforgettable encounters. She wanted Bri's hands on her pussy making her throb until she came. She brought the phone back to her ear. AJ Plays with You Just as Bri picked up the phone it let out a soft moan, and the call ended.

The stickiness didn't get louder, but more She wants your pussy on her face, and she wants it NOW! She wanted to feel what Bri's hands were doing. I hope I didn't break my screen she thought.

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Tags Portal Chat Forum.

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I'm going to text you in the morning to make sure you did your homework. How long would this go on for? Her hand sore, her mind racing, her body exhausted from thrusting and submitting and liberating itself.

Sam's breathing was metered to stay quiet as she could, not that Bri was likely to hear. Nude tv show japan. As Sam regained composure and considered what had happened, she started to feel a little guilty about the voyeurism that gave her such an orgasm. Sexy naked female pictures AJ Plays with You Sam was about to hang the phone up, but she wondered why Bri hadn't yet.

Tags Portal Chat Forum. Stories Poems Story Series. Sounds of lesbian sex. Another sound crept in. Thanks to Daisy Danger for being a part of Sonic Erotica!

Sam heard the ruffling, and the sharp moan, and knew Bri was getting close, and maybe picking up the action. All Time 30 Days All Time.

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