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Van hansis nude

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Sure he may have difficulty finding work. Just because people like him doesn't mean they think he's the greatest.

I was quite surprised that Van didn't promise too much comparing it to the early Polanski movies, especially The tenant. The biggest ass xxx. Van hansis nude. He had more chemistry with him than with Jake as Noah, and I would have shipped them together. I heard from a reliable source -this guy is a make up artist named David - that's all I'll say, well he is working on one of those vampire shows and Van has auditoned for a role. R, there are no more gay stories on the daytime shows. The author has Luke sleeping in the same bed as Reid but still withholding sex because he is 'not ready'.

Why would you be reading Lure fanfic? Not a terribly butch one, but still. And no not just any actor could have stepped in that role and got the kind of attention Eric did - they had tried before with Mason and it flopped big time. Lovely piece on Jake and Stuffer in the NYT this morning with a few casual mentions of some other actors. Obviously, Van as an actor tried to work as well as possible with the two men he was paired with.

Make your own goddamn thread. London escort porn. Bare ass gay sex photos Real life. I don't watch the soap that much anymore either. I'm hoping you're a gay man as am I and that was just a poor attempt at a putdown.

Van hansis nude

During those times, the show worked with him, so that he could do those side projects. Laughter is a reward. Wanton drug abuse, sexual favors in exchange for drugs, addiction, depression and shallowness.

Van should have stayed in NY. I don't think it matters which set of fans obsess over who "crushed" on who. I truely think they are having a long distance relationship. But the work is not done yet! Violent sex gay teen Real life boyfriends. I think Jake will milk whatever he can to get his name out there, but I am pretty sure Van wants to distance himself from it.

Arianne Zucker is an amazing actress. Didn't someone in another Van thread post that he couldn't even get a job on Law and Order? That's not much money for them and others considering what fans of soaps, comics, tv sci-fi shows spend to attend an event that includes their favorite C-list celebs.

I know that I like Van alot that I will watch whatever he is doing and I will enjoy.

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The Stuffer Dutch event has sold out in only 4 days.

They don't have the courage to get a gay character on the soap. The most obvious thing is never seeing him around girls, but the same "friend" keeps popping up together with Van in parties etc. Texas congressman nude photos. You're just pathetic at this point. Kind of limited choice of roles for the poor guy.

Van now lives in LA with his boyfriend. Plus it is not some A-list movie, rather something that will probably go straight to DVD. He had buzz from Nuke.

Van's a decent enough actor; ESS is pretty good. There's is an timeless love story of two dreamy men that transends time. I just tried Googling it but didn't come up with anything recent. Van hansis nude. Do you people ever think that Jake goes both ways, because sometimes I get that feeling from him, or am I wrong, I might be right, who knows. Teacher fucks hot girl. I think he is a talented actor with a lot of charm onscreen. R57, Thanks - I hadn't seen that article.

A love letter to Jake?? Some of them have real issues about separating the actors and the characters. Soap fans spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on trips, cruises and events. I knew Tyler moved before I knew Van had moved.

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I'm asking for sources, which I don't think is unreasonable. He didn't get good reviews, either. And the submission was He was nothing but a fortysomething guy trying to get into the pants of twentysometing guy. Emo girls eating pussy. Just saying Van isn't the greatest actor out there, despite what some of you fraus and obsessed fans seem to think he is. For some reason I thought he was from New England. I was frustrated by how stock gay characters are.

Looks like both of them will be making careers out off of their stalkers. Tyler Hanes is looking good, too. That's good to know. Everyone's stuff has been filmed, or in Jake's case, canceled.

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