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But other angles look really fantastic. Sebastian May 14, at 8: It's good for keeping Snake upright in action poses. Best lesbian bars in chicago. Nice recreation of the game art style.

I also love the added canteen and pouches around his waist and upper legs. Switching hands are easy to replace accordingly to your liking. Revoltech naked snake. It does still have some of the old Revoltech drawbacks, but the quality and presentation here is really solid. The biggest take away, in my opinion is the 25th anniversary Metal Gear Box that needs to be cut out and glue the flaps together.

Oh so you ended up getting him afterall. I pre-ordered it for the heck of it but since it's Big Boss I'm bummed. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sometimes this style can look fantastic, like on the Vash the Stampede figure. Karissa shannon nude pics. Top games Top games. May 16, at Comes with the exclamation mark and the sleeping Zs.

May 18, at 5: Friday, June 21, Revoltech Snake Review. Originally Posted by F1sh I agree, The revoltech figures are just too small for the price they want. The various straps that make up the webbing around his thighs can also stretch and move a bit. I love them all. The second thing you have to keep in mind is that this figure was sculpted by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, who also brings a very stylistic look to the figures he sculpts.

That big ole honker and the anime hair are absolutely the worst offenders though. The articulation looks good but the typical Revoltech issues are popping up.

This box is even marked to celebrate Metal Gear's 25th anniversary! The moveable eye is a neat feature, and it explains the wild eyed kind of look he has, but this still looks like a figure of a Snake cosplayer. Can I get a Solid Snake up in here? I get that my expectations are probably irrationally high; I have a thing for Metal Gear that most likely borderlines on unhealthy, and I understand that any figure at this size is going to suffer when looked at this closely.

Though i am aware that this blog is kinda very niche and therefore not that heavy when it comes to traffic, i had the cheek to email Arigatoys Revoltech Philippines if they would be interested to sponsor my Revoltech reviews The Anime-ish face is a bit harder to stomach, but it's still cool. I'd love to see this one in person.

Overall, the Revoltech Naked Snake figure is a good "solid" smaller scale figure that is a very welcome addition to your video game figure collections, or better yet, to your Metal Gear collection.

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It also stays in place pretty well. Official Revoltech Naked Snake Photos. Lesbian gym girls. Just pop the head at the secondary head joint and adjust to your needs.

There are also tidbits included in the accessories that are very interesting most specifically the ZZzz thingy pictured belowthe box as i mentioned and the iconic! The moveable eye is a neat feature, and it explains the wild eyed kind of look he has, but this still looks like a figure of a Snake cosplayer. Articulation is pretty basic for a Revoltech figure. I used some packing tape to assemble mine so it's good n' sturdy.

I think they pretty much nailed the shape of his face, the lined cheeks, the serious military man frown. He just needs to be posed wisely. Amazing that i found him today at big bad toy store online. I loved the Pikachu one and the Link one…and the one where Naked Snake is sleeping…and the one with him peeking out from under the boxes…gah! Think about it, for a hardcore Metal Gear fan that "! I think the PAK simply gives more bang for the buck. But for the price it's going for, don't think so.

Do you have the figure? Because the plastic kit from kotobukiya disappointed me a lot. Perth big tits. Revoltech naked snake. Oh so you ended up getting him afterall. Im with you on the face though. The Phantom Pain was without doubt one of the most fantastic games of the entire franchise.

Sebastian May 14, at 8: To be honest, they're "too many to mention" and i can't understand a d n thing about the Japanese text to i don't know if it's printed somewhere on the boxi'm quite surprised that there are a lot of poses you can pull off which are virtually impossible in all other versions of Naked Snake.

However, unlike other releases, this one is not hunched. Add your collection today! I had a couple of the McF figures, but this one looks…mashed?

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Secondly, i'm having a hard time moving the shoulders and the neck area tend to fall off at times. Originally Posted by Kaz Too tiny for the price.

I'm definitely not the only one bummed out by this though.

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