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Now he is my favorite. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lesbian asian oil massage. Laura london naked. It shocked me, because I was expecting some bed scenes happening way sooner than they did.

He then pretty much reverts back to his previous role as her captor takes her back to England, ties her up and treats her horribly again. She was very frustrating, the Mary Sue of all Mary Sues, making one big blunder after another that not only put her but put others in terrible life and death situations and all the male characters just thought it made her even more cute and loveable. I have to admire people who can collaborate like this.

Sadly, it was not. Though there was part of me that always knew you were the person you seemed. What really drew me in were the secondary characters, particularly the pirates on board the ship the Black Joke. The library copy I read was an old printing with faded pages and small print that made my eyeballs hurt, but I still kept reading. It is a tale of nobility. Pics mature nude. Together they have played eighteen years of annual performances at the largest Irish musical festival in the world.

Her secret was so minor it was silly to make it sound so important. It's a saber with two edges, Merry. It open I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately. Oh, The Windflower, you crazy, delightful book. He takes care of her needs, protects her and befriends her. What ever happened to long, drawn-out historical romance? Feb 17, Unhinged rated it it was amazing. No one has a good time on a pirate ship.

But really, who cares? I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately. Devon asks her who she was with at a tavern. He is very protective of her, and even though we only see him in the beginning and the end of the story, we see how devoted he is to family and country.

The book comes from the same era as The Flame and the Flowerwhich I hated, and the basic premise -- innocent, virginal young woman kidnapped and taken against her will on high seas adventures -- was similar. Sexy dress tits. Quotes from The Windflower. Sensual rating is no sex till marriage but the author is very talented in giving the reader the hot sizzling passion one expects in a romance.

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And they would have been exactly to my taste when I first began reading romance!

Sep 07, M rated it it was amazing. Sexy redneck girl porn. No one has a good time on a pirate ship. He turns her on and then walks away. My aged copy is in pieces and held together with a rubber band and strangely, the print seems to have shrunk considerably since the last time I thumbed thru its By Laura London the husband and wife team of Sharon and Tom CurtisThe Windflower is my all time favorite romance. Laura london naked. I liked her anyway, though, because in spite of those things there's a level of self-awareness about her that I appreciated.

So I immediately started listening to this book and with each hour I grew more and more hooked on this spell binding story that captivated me. What can her dreams of riding a muscular unicorn with a thick, long horn possibly mean? For those who know me, they know that I read romance. This being an early 80s novel, that's a fairly common trope, but still it wears thin by the end. This is a story about Merry Wilding who is innocence, and breathtaking beautiful. Geraldo rivera naked selfie. I had it on my dnf will try again later shelf for about a month now, but I doubt that I'll try it again.

She seems to spend more time with him than with Devon, and their relationship is a lot more interesting to me. This is the romance book that all other romance novels have to beat. And when it didn't? Merry did sometimes grate on my nerves, and I sometimes wanted to smack Devon, but he was so honorable that it was hard not to like him It feels like the union between Devon and Merry is a foregone conclusion- he gets her because he is the Hero, he is the Hero because What ever happened to long, drawn-out historical romance?

It's intriguing to me that The Windflower was written by two people -- a husband and wife team, no less. This book is far from perfect -- the prose is often very purple, especially during the sex scenes. I was waiting for the kaleidoscope of bright rainbow colored hues but thankfully, one of the two writers must have convinced their partner to stop on the edge of the Purple Precipice.

Good grief, even the villain--present on the page briefly at best--is allowed some humanity. Now he is my favorite. They share a passionate embrace, and then Devon leaves her to her devices and now its been months.

And dat slow burn romance doe. Tiny tits porn movies. You can then appreciate how many year old boy pirate semi-heros are in the story. Merry's innocence and his growing affection for her crack his shell and lead to a scene toward the end of the book, view spoiler [when Cat breaks down and cries, allowing a certain someone to hug him I don't want to really get spoilery and say whohide spoiler ] that made me tear up and feel genuinely emotional.

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