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List of 2014 lesbian films

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A French and Canadian movie, with the background set in China. After breaking up with her enigmatic girlfriend Antonia, year-old English Literature teacher Julia is thrown into a desperate, painful situation.

Jordana comes home after 2 year internship in Israel to find that her parents Efron and Etel have betrothed her to be immediately married to a wealthy businessman. Mm sexy girl. List of 2014 lesbian films. Rachel and Hector are a happily married couple, but things change when Rachel starts to fall for their mutual friend, Luce.

Clea DuVall Written by: High School basketball coach, Dinah Groshardt, falls for the school secretary, Carly Lumpkin, and upsets the entire school in the process. Toby WallaceCody Fern. Todd Haynes' Achingly Gorgeous Carol.

Also, young Winslet and Lynskey are super cute. This production is incredibly well done and captures the overall badassness of this historical figure. Written and directed by Kris Boustedt and Lindy Boustedt.

An older European woman becomes enchanted with a young Dominican woman who must struggle to make ends meet. Geraldine ChaplinYanet Mojica. Not Rated 85 min Drama. Girls fucking xvideos. A small town in Indiana faces it's worst fears when it is attacked and captured by terrorists. It's the holiday season, which means it's time to carol. A Brooklyn teen struggles to find identity amidst trying family dynamics, friendships, and labels. Yes, the writing is often clumsy and there are some annoying, ridiculous plot holes.

She has a boyfriend she could care a less about and a tedious job. This was one of the first lesbian movies I ever watched and the innocent-but-not friendship portrayed struck a cord with me at an early age. Erika Linder, Natalie Krill. TV-MA 98 min Drama.

The protagonist, Rosa, is a guardian of the lakes in the magical hinterland north of Berlin and she is a professional fisher. Sarah Waters is the queen of lesbian period pieces. Robin and Jenna are getting married. She likes women and she loves Federica. Tiny tits porn pics. Kissing Jessica Stein My go to lesbian movies.

During her first days at a mid-west college, Jackie meets the gorgeous Catherine Stark, a mysterious teacher with an infamous lady-killer reputation. Miou-Miou, Isabelle Huppert, Guy Marchand This story of two young married women who realize how unfulfilled they are in their marriages when they fall in love with each other takes place in the s, with flashbacks set in World War II, when one of the women was placed in an internment camp for Jews.

Based on the book of the same name by Sarah Waters, Affinity is the story of unmarried upper-class women, Margaret Prior, who start visiting the Milibank Prison in

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Canadian Golden Globe awarded movie based on the D. Milf ass movies. Hacker guy meets girl online in virtual reality. Canadian movie directed by Percy Aldon Roswitha Rosel Zecha lonely immigrant, works in the library of a small Alaskan town. This Isn't A Love Story. There was little chance, in the yearthat Carole, a Paris Spanish teacher, and feminist militant, would ever meet Delphine, the daughter of a couple of Limousin farmers.

Simeone, Rose Troche Written by: Jess meets Casey, a very openly gay woman and quickly the girls form a strong romantic bond which forces Jess to come to terms with her true sexuality.

What if you didn't just have to admire or look jealously at someone who embodies female sexuality? Winner of nearly a dozen awards across the U. Views Read Edit View history.

Peyton and Elena are, on the surface, diametrically opposed — one, a well-known lesbian writer, the other a mother and wife of a pastor — but when their paths cross, several times over, they feel compelled to connect.

Obviously, they fall in love and run away to London, where much drama and wild underground gay activity commences.

Marie is a successful designer and has a loving husband and two children. List of 2014 lesbian films. It was a really big deal for lesbians to see themselves represented in that way. Zoe's regimented life is thrown into upheaval when she unexpectedly falls in love. Kim degiulio nude. When an unruly child, Mary Karen Balkinis punished for lying, she concocts a story that Karen and Martha are having a lesbian relationship. In the case of impure love, the love which society has always regarded as wrong and which has been banned by divine law, the following are important: Jamie Babbit Written By: Brides to Be 82 min Drama, Horror, Romance 5.

A cult-classic about a teenager sent off to rehab after her parents and friend suspect she's a lesbian. While unprecedented progress is being made on television, film lags sadly behind, offering few, if any, portrayals of LGBTQ women. Israeli movie written and directed by Michal Vinik.

Not Rated 86 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. It is a really fascinating look at sexuality and gender at this point in history.

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A German movie from directed and written by Nana Neul. Some critics claim the film depicts Nic Bening and Jules Moore as overbearing middle-aged moms struggling to revive their romantic spark, and that comparing them to Paul Ruffalothe cool, casually sexual macho man, offhandedly delivers a scathing critique of lesbian marriage. You May Also Like If you're still looking for an explanation, what about Megan Fox kissing Amanda Seyfried?

Unrated 83 min Comedy, Romance. And here she finds not only a great opportunity for her career, but also a new love with another girl, Anna.

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